Arts & Science in Urban Context

When? 08 to 18 August 2017 Where? Musisches Zentrum | Centre for the Arts
Who? Masterstudents and PhD with an interest to work and research in educational and cultural fields

What the Summer School is about
The international Summer School’s goal is to develop and foster interdisciplinary exchange between students, researchers and teaching staff on the future of urbanity. With a focus on the field of Urban Arts and Culture, Urban Engineering and Urban Architecture we open up a horizon of diverse questions: What characterizes the urban world which you live in? What are urban realities and what is your urban utopia? How can we plan, use and open spaces and buildings? How can this be designed suitably as well as sustainably? Where do disciplines meet in an urban context? We aim to create an exploratory space where scientific examination meets artistic practices as well as conceptual thinking and transformative learning. A place to meet, share, explore and perform knowledge in various and diverse formations. Thereby we want to foster interdisciplinary approaches, practice and exchange through a strong interaction between fellow students and invited faculty. The teaching staff will work closely with the appointed students in a series of intensive workshops and feedback formats. Additionally, peer to peer formats of teaching, sharing and exchanging form a central aspect of the concept of this exceptional Summer School.

4 ECTS for Presentation
5 ECTS for presentation + Paper 15 pages
6 ECTS for Presentation + Paper 25 pages (published)

Grants for Travel and Accommodation
In order to allow all students to participate the Summer School regardless of their financial background, students have the chance to apply for a grant to cover their travel and accommodation costs | download Grant_Application_Form

All Students should complete the Call for Proposal  | download Application Form here
Deadline for Call |15 June 2017 (please note that the Deadline has been extended)
Contact Constanze Schulte &  Anna-Carolin Weber (

Links & Downloads

Course in VSPL Campus Office
Open Acces Workshop


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