Current Migration & Refugee Dynamics

When? 03 to 07 April 2017 Where? SSC 2/119 Who? Masterstudents and early PhD

What the Spring School is about
This spring school on current migration and refugee dynamics addresses one of the most urgent societal, political and academic topics at this moment. It specifically strives at bringing together the often disconnected views and theoretical concepts in the fields of migrants’ and refugee’s trajectories and pathways along their journeys, from their country of departure to their country of arrival, through transit countries and the multiple borders they have to cross. It examines the causes, characteristics and implications of current movements, the varying experiences of migrants and the political regulations and social situations that affect them.

3 ECTS for active attendance (required readings, two statements and a short paper) + submitting a final version of the paper until 30 April 2017.

6 ETCS for active attendance (required readings, two statements and a short paper) + developing an extended version (12-page/4000 words) of the paper until 15 September 2017.

Internal Students should apply via CampusOffice (VSPL)

Students from outside RUB should apply via Mail
Kontakt Rafael Bohlen (

Links & Downloads
Summer School Website
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