Politics of Images and Identification

When? 03 to 07 April 2017 Where? FNO 02/11 Who? Advanced Masterstudents and early PhD

What the Spring School is about
The Spring School discusses how images and ‘visible bodies’ lead to specific ways of understanding identity and identification. It aims to uncover the complexity of images (processes of production, assumptions, historical contexts) to show that visual representations of identity are highly political objects that tend to naturalise human categories of classification.In current times, images of faces are primarily linked to identity. In fact, not only the face but other body traces are understood as identity marks. Within this context, images of faces are widely used for criminal identification, state administration, migratory regulation, surveillance and security. But images of faces are also important parts of recreational and socializing practices related to our own identity construction, as users of social media rely on pictures to create their own virtual identity and the identity of others.
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Estrid Sorensen (Social Science), Prof. Dr. Christina Brandt (Philosophy)

3 ECTS for active attendance (required readings, two statements and a short paper) + submitting a final version of the paper until 30 April 2017.

6 ETCS for active attendance (required readings, two statements and a short paper) + developing an extended version (12-page/4000 words) of the paper until 15 September 2017.

Internal Students should apply via CampusOffice (VSPL)

Students from outside RUB should apply via Mail
Kontakt Julia Gruevska (julia.gruevska@rub.de)